Orkut album hack (javascript)

I wrote something (pt-br) about a new option on Orkut that allow you to change who can see your photo album. Today i saw a script and decided to improve it a little.

Now you can sneak into everybody protected photos. Just copy and paste the following code on your browser’s address bar (you can create a bookmark with this code).

*If Orkut crew found a different way to block the photo album and this script stop working, please let me now.

[20080103 13h00] update
I’ve improved a little more my script:

[20080121 16h40] update
Orkut crew has recently modified the album and this script is not working anymore. I’ll try something new soon.

48 replies on “Orkut album hack (javascript)”

Would you please let me know, hot to sneak in to others orkut album please. please give me a script and way to do it pls!!

It’s been quite a while since Orkut blocked the hacks towards the locks of the albums. I’m still wandering around looking for a way to break these locks. If anyone knows about a solution… please, post it. I’ll do the same when I find it.

bruv.. its nt wrkin no mre, u ned 2 change it agan,,, ive ben tryin diffrnt codes frm diffrnt websites,, non ov em r wrkin bruv,, nd i ned a code plz,, if u cn help me out,, or ani 1 cn help me plz,, jus e mail it 2 me plz,, l b greatful 2ya,, fnxx

pls. send me the latest script to break the scrap & photo album & also testmonials.. Pls. do me the favour……….

hey if any oneinterested in hacking mobile like deducting balance contact meeee…..

deducting any one phone balance all over india

Plz………………send new java scrip,…………its not working Dear………

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